All Classes are American Heart Association Classes. All Instructors are American Heart Association Instructors.  

** Upon Successfully Completing a course your certification will be valid for 2 years by the American Heart Association** 


Available CPR Classes: 

 Health Care Provider CPR/AED 

Class Description 

Basic Life Support: This 3–4-hour CPR certification class is for nursing students, CNAs, and others working in health care settings. It is for those people who will be working in health care fields. 

This class includes the following topics: 

1. Adult CPR 

2. Child CPR 

3. Infant CPR 

4. AED   

5. Choking for adult, child, or infant 

This class also includes learning how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). 

HeartSaver CPR/AED 

Class Description 

This 4–5-hour class is for those who need a non-medical CPR certification, for daycare, foster care and adoptions, factories, or for personal interest. It is for those people who need certification for a nonmedical job requirement, such as daycare, fostering, adoptions, or personal interest.  

This class includes the following topics 

1.      Adult CPR 

2.      Child CPR 

3.      Infant CPR 

4.      AED 

5.      Choking for adult, child, or infant 

This class also includes learning how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

First Aid 

Class Description 

This is a 2-hour class for people who need to be certified in First Aid for their nonmedical job requirement. It covers how to recognize emergencies, and  

The class will cover the following topics 

Medical Emergencies

1.Breathing Problems 


3. Assembling and using an inhaler   

4. Adult, child, and infant choking 

5. Allergic reactions 

6. How to use an epinephrine pen

7. How to assist someone who is having a heart attack 

8. How to assist with fainting 

9. How to help with someone with low blood sugar 

10. How to recognize a stroke

11. How to deal with someone who is having a seizure  

12. How to deal with bleeding from the mouth and nose 

Injury Emergencies 

1.External/Internal Bleeding 

2.How to control bleeding 

3.How to know if someone is in shock 

4.How to deal with a tooth injury 

5. How to deal with an eye injury 

6. How to manage penetrating and puncturing injuries 

7. Amputation 

8. Head, neck, and spine injuries 

9. How to deal with broken bones and spines 

10. Splinting 

11. Burns and electrical injuries

Environmental Emergencies 


2.Animal and Human bites  

3.Snake Bites  

4.Bee Stings  

5.Poisonous stings  

6. Tick bites  

7. Marine bites and stings  

8. Heat-related emergencies  

9. Dehydration  

10. Heat cramps  

11. Heat stroke  

12. Frost bites  

13. Low blood temperature (hypothermia)  

14. Poison emergencies

Skills Evaluation 

Skills Evaluations are one on one. Please make sure you visit onlineaha.org to complete the online portion. You will need the completion certificate in order to register with us and complete the second part of the class which is the skills evaluation. Please email us at admin@guardiancommunitycare.org to schedule an appointment for your evaluation.   

Class Schedule and Location 

Class times and locations are flexible based on your needs and the availability of the instructors. Most classes take place at our office location in Knightdale NC, or our staff can travel to you depending on the size of your group.  

Please contact us via phone at 984-275-9863 or admin@guardiancommunitycare.org to register or for more information.  

Refund Policy  

To properly serve you, please let our office know within 24 hours before class how many people will be in your group. The class fee is due upon registration. Our staff can register you over the phone or assist you with registering online. If you are unable to attend the class cancellation is required within 24 hours. 100% refund will be issued within 24-48 hours after cancellation. Or you can opt to receive a one-time credit, that can be used towards another class. This credit will be good for 30 days. After 30 days if you have not enrolled in another course there will be no available credit or refund.  

Important Information 

Classes will start on time any students who are late by 10 minutes will be allowed a one-time transfer to another class. This transfer will be good for 30 days. After 30 days, no transfer will be allowed, and no refund/credit will be given. If the transfer ends up being a one-on-one class, there will be an additional fee charged to the student.